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Northern Seafood is an English magazine on a mission to promote the seafood industry in the Nordic region. From the variety of species, its possibilities and why the region export some of the most sought after fish and shellfish in the world, Northern Seafood bring an stylish approach to its global readers.


The target audience of Northern Seafood is importers and distributors of seafood globally. Reaching a large numbers of affluent consumers globally, Northern Seafood promotes the Nordic seafood sector to decision makers. The magazine has three editions a year, where the circulation of each edition is 6,000. It will be distributed at all major seafood exhibitions worldwide. In addition, you may access all of the editions as tablet version online.

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Editorial Focus Areas

Environment, sustainability, quality and health are important concepts in today’s seafood market. Our focus is on the core advantages of the Nordic region; seafood from clean waters, modern vessels and regulations that ensures a sustainable development of the sector. In order to ensure healthy and high-quality seafood products, an extensive amount of work is done at all levels of the supply chain.  With consumers increasingly conscious of these factors, Northern Seafood aim to communicate the Nordic standards to the world. The magazine covers news, articles and interviews of key profiles in within the Nordic industry. Thus we keep you updated on attractive products from this corner of the world.

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